We have introduced an all new mobile phone application, called Air Selangor, for iOS and Android mobile
devices as an initiative to help our customers get the latest information on water supply. This app offers a
multitude of features within an easily accessible platform. On the whole, the app is designed to provide
improved customer experience in line with the rapidly evolving digital era.




Register via simple steps and
receive verification code via SMS
messaging. Both premises owner
and tenant can register. ▶

Owners or tenants can also
check on their current and past
water bills under the Account
tab after they have registered
their water accounts.
Sign-up for e-billing here, too! ▶


If you would like to submit a
complaint or give feedback, just
tap on the Info tab to submit
your queries and feedback to the
◀ linteractive "Airra".

After viewing your water bill,
you can pay your water bill via
this app. Follow the easy steps
to make payment through your
◀ preferred bank.


Want to know if there is any
water interruption in your area?
Just click on the Water tab and
select the region you are located
in to see all water interruption
notices. ▶

On the News tab, read the latest
water supply announcements,
feeds and tips. ▶

Download now